Why children are weak in studies?

(This is the experience of 10 years' girl, Anuska Acharya, who studies in grade 4. Her father asked to explore herself why she as well as her friends are not devoted in study and not able to achieve better skill in their study. Her answer is given below, write up is as she wrote, show that there are some grammatical mistakes too.)

She writes :

Now a days, children are very weak in study due to carelessness of children and due to the electronic appliances which are available now a days. Children take their heart and play with mobile, tv, laptop, video games, computer etc. and because of that they don’t' even feel the taste of food which they eat while playing, instead of reading In the school, parents give mobile phone to their children so that when they get in any type of problem they could call their parents and solve the problem. Instead of doing that they make jokes of teachers and do fun, they even use it unnecessarily. Electronic appliances are made for doing proper utilization. Because children are misbehaving their parents and teachers, cannot control them. So because of these things, children are weak in study.  

Comments in facebook: 

Audience were asked to mark the answer out of 10. We have lot of comments for this daughter. Among such remarks, Educationist Prof. Dr. Mana Prasad Wagley says: "I don't know which grade is she in? But I can guess she should be at 4 or 5. Her feelings reflect the new generation's attitude towards study in the present context. Moreover, I found her very cautious about the maximization of the use of electronic gadgets for learning purposes. I congratulate her for her right thinking in right time. Also would like to suggest her to make a promise that she won't follow these examples that she has written. Congratulations. One more thing I have to applaud for her art of the gadgets." Thank you Prof. Wagley for encouraging her.